This website is an experiment to see how fast the search engines pick up new sites after they are mentioned and crawled.

SEO-123-GO was first mentioned in an EContent Magazine article on November 6, 2007. It appeared in the Google search engine the same day.

It appeared in Yahoo search results the next day, November 7.

It is in on November 9. Still was not in or at the weekend.

Six months later we are pleased to note that this minimal site has a 3/10 Google PageRank™ and is of course at and

It is a good test of the various search engines to see how many pages they return in a search for the phrase SEO 123 GO, or
GO SEO or SEO 123.

Search Engine Optimization
Get a Google AdWords account.

First get yourself a Google AdWords account, which provides an analysis of your web pages, telling you its most popular keywords that appear to be relevant to your page. Our new site will include obvious terms like search, optimization, SEO, keyword, etc. Note that an SEO expert would help you to use those keywords in meaningful ways in your content.

SEO scammers will take this to the extreme, by assembling odd combinations of these keywords until they find search phrases that return your website on page one of the search results. They may embed the selected phrases in your pages, sometimes making the font white on a white page, so they are not visible to people browsing, but are seen by the search engines.

The engines give highest weight to visible elements like the page title, the first and second level heading text, and the opening text of a paragraph. They will read your meta="description" tag. They will be especially happy if your site has a robots.txt file and a sitemap.xml file to tell them what’s important and changing frequently on your site. And they have a special place for domains with the keyword in the name...

Get a good domain name.

So next we look for a clever unregistered domain name as our company name, say How did we come up with this? First we entered the candidate name into Google Search. A name that produces no search results is unique. SEO-123-GO produced no results as I wrote my November 2007 column on October 31, but since EContent's site pages are highly ranked and crawled frequently by the engines, SEO-123-GO appeared in the Google database within hours of publication on November 6.

Since names are so low cost, I purchased and put up a web page with this article. In time, you will see that Google will list it first in search results for its unusual site name. Whether it ranks high in search for SEO depends on its content and whether other sites link here.

Get some good books on SEO.

Follow the best practice advice in books on search engines like
You're ready to GO.